Thursday, August 03, 2006


The world is a cruel, cruel place. I’m not talking about the war going on in Lebanon against innocent civilians, not talking about the probable (actual) civil war going on in Iraq. I’m talking about my fucking (yes I’m livid) air conditioning unit going out yesterday. Light flickered, then no more air. At first I thought ok maybe it’s going through that kick on, kick off cycle since I have it on auto. It never came back on; I lowered the temperature to make sure. Turned the thermostat on and off, went outside to turn the unit (thingy) on and off, and turned the switch off at the electrical panel and zip, nada. Lights are working, innanet is still on, cable and Tivo are working so I figured it’s my air conditioning unit giving up.

At 7 AM I call the heating and cooling people a friend recommended and they give me an 8AM to 12PM window. Lawd Jesus! It’s hot here, as my girl Mu would say “It’s as hot as two squirrels fighting in my cleavage”.

Hallelujah the cooling people come at 8:30 thinker around bill me $110 including a gas surcharge fee (da hell) and tell me there’s nothing they can do because the problem is with Pepco (DC’s electricity company). Apparently I have partial power going into the house so things like my air conditioning unit and my dryer aren’t working. I call Pepco get a computer asking me to give all the info, say yes or no and god forbid if you ask a question the computer will hang up on you. So I call back and finally yell enough for “operator” that I get a live person who tells me there’s a problem in my neighborhood that isn’t scheduled to be looked at until after 1PM. I guess I’ll go into the office now to cool off.

The world really is a cruel, cruel place.

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