Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Scared Sh*tless

I wasn’t 100% sure I was going to blog about this but after reading the Hostess’ blog today and also hearing the news of Sean Taylor’s passing after being shot by an intruder I figured why not share. Some of you guys know I live in a transitioning neighborhood. In DC that means the haves and the have not live side by side in the same neighborhood. There’s a half way house for women 2 blocks away, ray ray and ‘em down the street, grand parents, single women, men and young upwardly mobile couples all in the mix. I’m a city girl born and raised in Brooklyn so I am always careful about my surroundings and make sure I’m secure in my car and in my home as best as I can be and make sure I have gotten to know my neighbors on all sides of me. Not just because I live in a major city with a crime issue but because safety should be everyone’s number 1 concern even in middle America and even in the ‘burbs. Hell there are gangs fighting in Gaithersburg, MD and people go missing and are attacked everywhere in this country from the hood to classy and rich neighborhoods.

As I sat on my couch watching an episode of the 1st 48, for which I blame the Hostess for introducing me to, and talking to a friend at about 11:20 PM someone rang my door bell. No one I mean no one just rings my door bell that late at nigh so I knew it wasn’t someone I knew but then when the hard knock on the door followed I thought maybe it was a neighbor, as I walked toward the door I called out and asked who it was. The person responded and said their name, which I didn’t know and said they had ID. Since that meant nothing to me I responded that they should go away and I didn’t care. The person then proceeded to put their hand through the mail slot to show me their ID and I could tell that they were trying to look through the slot. I went red and was pissed and scared all at once. I started yelling and said I was calling the cops which I immediately did. My friend on my cell phone and 911 on my landline. I’m grateful the dispatcher waited on the phone with me until they showed up because I was shacking with anger and a bit scared hell I’d been watching the 1st 48 which is about solving murders.

The person who I believe was a female was long gone by the time the police showed up and unfortunately I didn’t actually look outside because I was busy dialing 911 and didn’t want to get near the door or window in case. I made my statement and will be following up with my neighborhood list serve, the police list serve for my area and at the next community meeting. The person probably just wanted money but showing up on my doorstep at 11:20 PM and sticking your hand into my mail slot puts me in attack mode and the only way I know how is to make sure my house is secure and my alarm is on at all times and by making a big stink about this and alerting the powers that be (neighborhood commissioners and police) that more patrols are needed

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving is here!

I'm hosting my very first Thanksgiving and right now the house smells fabulous.

I made some pumpkin muffins for tomorrow's breakfast, boiled the water with the brining seasoning for my turkey and am getting ready to bake Monica's southern comfort cake. Later this afternoon before the 'rents get here I'll make the cranberry sauce.

I decided to take Tuesday and Wednesday off just to relax and get some stuff done around the house and thought it would be great to have my dad and step mom come up instead of me going down to NC, I figured we'd eat at my aunts house or my step mom's cousin's place. Little did I know they thought I was inviting them up to eat at my house. lol! After the slight panic I came up with a game plan and so far so good. The rest of the menu:

Green beans and almond slices
Garlic and Chive Mashed Potatoes
Macaroni and Cheese

I can't wait until tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some of My Favorite Things

I've been meaning to blog about something for a while now but I've been busy with life, work, school, and just general chillin'.

Over the last few weeks I've been on a quest to fill up my wine fridge with delicious wine and also make sure I have enough so I don't show up empty handed when I'm invited to gatherings or dinner parties. To do that, I've had to drink lots and lots of it. It's a tough job but I'm up for the challenge. I made my choices first based on my instant attraction to the label, followed by the description of the wine and what the vendor thought it would pair well with in regards to food. Cool, funky labels seem to draw me in as I'm browsing through wine aisles.

So here goes, some of my favorite things (wines):

The first one is called a cupcake chardonnay, the name alone resonated with me but the buttery and creamy flavors of the wine has me buying a bottle every time I pass a world market.

Now this Sauvignon Blanc I picked up at Costco and although pricier then a table wine it's absolutely delicious. Crisp and light, this New Zealand white is really refreshing.

If you don't like sweet wines but wanted to try a Riesling this dry one is delicious. I actually like sweet wines but tried it because the label in the store said it worked well with spicy Asian food and I was preparing a spicy Asian style fish stew that night. It's really good although the Hostess thought it was just ok.

This label caught my eye and when I realized it was a Riesling I had to pick it up. I found it at wholefood for only $8 and it's a great wine.

This isn't a wine but I thought I'd add it to my favorite things because it's a beer that needs a corkscrew to open. A delicious Raspberry flavored Belgian Beer, which btw, is now all the rage in my hood. They add Raspberry flavor after the initial fermentation or something like that. The end result is a delicious bev-raj that is way better then the flavored malt liquor stuff they make for women to drink.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Out of Control

I just watched a clean house marathon and am thankful for the common sense god gave me to keep my house uncluttered. I know I’m being judgmental but the people on these shows need some serious psychological help. Serious help that only a mental professional can give them. They also need style help, mirrored walls? On purpose? Don’t get me wrong I collect stuff, clothes especially but twice a year I go through my closet and just get rid of stuff I haven’t worn in a year.

I have that “you just never know” feeling about some of my stuff but my house is about a 1,000 square feet and I just can’t afford to keep everything. If something is coming in, something has to come out otherwise it’ll have that stuffed look. Stuffed isn’t cute nor does it make any sense.

I just did a complete reorganization of my home office/guest room and threw out a bunch of papers and stuff I’d collected since 1999, when I moved to DC. If I hadn’t looked at it since I moved into my house in 2003 it was out the door. Clearly I didn’t need it. Some of the “stuff” I couldn’t part with because of the "you never know" element I placed into small storage tins that fit on my book shelf so they’re tucked away until I need it, if ever.

I have to fight the pack rat feeling because my parents struggle with it as well and that’s one habit of their’s that I do NOT want. So I will continue to fight the urge to keep stuff and make sure my house is clutter free.