Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Staple

There’s nothing worse then trying to figure out what to cook for dinner when your fridge and pantry are pretty empty. I had two pieces of tilapia defrosting in the fridge but couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted to do with them. I then remembered that there was a can of light coconut milk in the pantry and I’d purchased some green and red Thai curry paste a while ago. Some green curry, fresh chopped ginger, garlic, brown sugar, a splash of fish sauce and a bit of chicken stock. 20 minutes later a green fish curry over rice. Yummy!

I’ve decided to always have fresh ginger and coconut milk on hand just in case I need to make an Asian influenced dish.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


That’s what I did this past weekend when I watched season 3 of the office. I LOVE that show! It’s ridiculous, outrageous and un PC but so damm funny! I watched the original British version on DVD last year and started watching the American version earlier this year.

I actually made a habit of watching an episode every morning before I headed to a work site back in March and had to deal with “le menteur” from my previous post. That was really the only way I could deal with that muhhhfking liar.

So now I’ve caught up to the episodes I missed from this season and am clamoring for more! More office please!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Too Nice

Sometimes I’m too nice and wish I could tell people exactly how I really feel. So in typical blogger fashion I’m letting some of it out. The names and language has been changed to protect innocent and not so innocent.

Au Menteur : Mais sa va pas ou quoi. Tu pense que je vois pas ce que tu fait ? Ferme ta Guelle et va te faire. Si je pouvais je te dirais la vérité que tu est rien et un jour le monde va le savoir.

La fille : Tu sait pourquoi rien ne marche pas pour toi ? C’est parce que tu est méchante et dieu va pas te bénir avec du bonheur a cause de ta mechanste. Parfois tu me dégoute.

Le Ga : Pour quoi tu chante pas ? Femme la ce bonheur mwen, ce miracle mwen, vie mwen. Mwen tombe pu li.

La Copine: Reste ou tu est. Ca vaut pas la peine de venir parce que j’ai vraiment pas envie de te voir. Je suis fatigue et franchement je préfère m’asseoir sur le divan et rien faire pour tout le weekend.

La collègue : Tu a toujours des excuse. Arrêt ca n’aide pas ta cause. Je m’en fous si tu dois aller nourrir tes enfants. Il ya du travaille à faire et chaque fois qu’il ya quelque chose tu me donne une excuse. Frankly my dear I don’t give a damm.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Pumpkin

Someone stole my pumpkin and they also stole my neighbor's pumpkin. I jumped on the Halloween/Fall bandwagon early despite the heat and purchased a nice pumpkin at Whole Paycheck for only $5. That's a great price in my opinion but someone stole my pumpkin so either I'm going to have to buy another one or just go without this year. I HATE RAY RAY and 'em, seriously hate them and hope they rot like my pumpkin would have, had it NOT been stolen from my front stoop.

I didn't exactly see the ray rays steal my pumpkin but I'm really wondering who else could it be. That's what Rays Rays do, they steal, loiter, sell and do drugs so I'm blaming the missing pumpkin on them. Maybe the kids who walk down the block on their way to school did it. Lil' Hoodlums throwing checker wrappers on the street and just generally being lil' ray rays. I hate 'em too.

Bitter? Yes I am. I hate when people steal my stuff.

Monday, October 08, 2007

I Love Hip Hop

There I was having a sip of wine, doing some homework and chatting with Diva in Demand on IM when she mentioned the Hip Hop Honors on VH1. I’d actually turned the TV off to focus on some homework and job related emails I but turned the TV back on and got sucked into this tribute. It suddenly hit me that I LOVE HIP HOP!!!!!!

I think I forgot how much I love it because what’s on the radio today isn’t what I grew up listening to in the 80’s and 90’s. I found that hip hop had lost it’s way except for a few who managed to keep the flame of what I consider real hip hop simmering. This special on Vh1 reminded me how great hip hop was back in the day. Why is it that all the good stuff is the old stuff?

It’s almost midnight and I’m way behind on what I wanted to get done tonight but that’s ok because I’m rediscovering how much I hip hop tonight.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Case for a Tic Tac

Last week I went to a panel discussion and reception hosted by one of our client organizations. While on the drive to the meeting I popped in a piece of gum just to make sure my breath was minty fresh. Last thing you want to do is chew gum when meeting with a client so I tossed it out.

Unfortunately after mingling and talking to various people for about 30 minutes straight and not being able to move toward the drink table I realized that I was in need of a mint. Talking to clients/colleagues and sucking on a mint is almost as bad as chewing gum so that option was out.

If only I’d had a tic tac, not just because they’re a low caloric treat but because they’re small enough no one will notice that you have a few in your mouth as you mingle and talk business.

Note to self – pick up some tic tacs before the next client meeting.