Monday, October 01, 2007

The Case for a Tic Tac

Last week I went to a panel discussion and reception hosted by one of our client organizations. While on the drive to the meeting I popped in a piece of gum just to make sure my breath was minty fresh. Last thing you want to do is chew gum when meeting with a client so I tossed it out.

Unfortunately after mingling and talking to various people for about 30 minutes straight and not being able to move toward the drink table I realized that I was in need of a mint. Talking to clients/colleagues and sucking on a mint is almost as bad as chewing gum so that option was out.

If only I’d had a tic tac, not just because they’re a low caloric treat but because they’re small enough no one will notice that you have a few in your mouth as you mingle and talk business.

Note to self – pick up some tic tacs before the next client meeting.


Stan Johns said...

Dear Honest,

I hate to be a paternalistic blogger-browser, but as a dentist I cannot venture past this post without feeling alarm at the possible harm the tic tacs will do to your teeth over time, if consumed sufficiently frequently. Or have they produced suger-free ones now? If so, I would warn your companions.

All the best,


PS Hope the meeting went well despite your minty troubles

Jdid said...

well it couldnt have been that bad, t was only 30 minutes

Melinda said...

the worst thing about bad breath is that once someone smells your breath...they will tell the whole world and you'll never be able to live it down. Bad breath and BO=never being able to shake off a stinky reputation.

I carry a travel size toothbrush and mouthwash to work, because it just does'nt make sense not to; especially if you're working an eight hour shift.

mellow said...

Those Listerine breath strips are good for a quick refresher too...nothing to have to fiddle with in your mouth either.

Luke Cage said...

Although not quite as small as a minty mint, I do keep a box of peppermint Altoids in the car. Trust me. If you lived in the DC/Va corridor and had to deal with this stop and go traffic daily, the altoid breaks up the monotony. :)

CreoleInDC said...

A swig of water does the job too Chica.

Brotha Buck said...

I'm sure your breath was sweeter than what you imagined.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

I consider that "funky-fresh", no pon intended, or did I LOL

Keelah said...

Now that was an HONEST post! I feel ya! ;)