Sunday, February 25, 2007

Reality Check

On Tuesday I finally had my 2nd visit to an Ophthalmologist in an attempt to figure out exactly what was wrong with my leaky eyes. The visit was extremely painful and couldn’t imagine having ever been in so much pain even when I had my wisdom teeth removed. I know have a diagnosis, Nasolocrimal duct obstruction which basically means my tear tucks are closed. I still produce tears but they’re not draining the way they should. The doctor was able to clear out my left one but I will more then likely need surgery to fix the right one. To say I’ll never be able to not break out in a sweat when someone says “stick a needle in my eye” in an understatement.

Just the idea of having my eye operated on had me in tears from the doctor’s office. I bitched and moaned to a friend about my situation only to realize 2 minutes later what an ass I was being about this. Here I was complaining about my minor and curable issue to a friend who has MS. I didn’t have cancer, MS or but something I had an answer and potential remedy for. Sure I spent a half hour having a needle stuck into my tear ducks but I’m fine, healthy even and blessed to only have experienced only a little discomfort.

Friday, February 16, 2007

It's Been a While

Let’s see, I finally saw Dream girls on Tuesday evening at a fundraiser. Wow! That was a great movie however I feel like I’ve been lied to, hoodwinked in fact. Why did all the talk shows, articles, blogs say Beyonce was the lead? Why was nominated as a Lead actress for that movie? She was playing a supporting role to Jennifer Hudson’s character. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Beyonce and she looked great and played the beautiful “not really a singer but I look good” role perfectly but she was NOT the lead.

Last Saturday night I hung out at Costco and the grocery store. I’d just come in from Kyiv the night before and had nothing at home so when I finally got myself together around 5PM I went food shopping. I’m sure lots of you have heard to never go to a grocery store hungry. Unfortunately I did, because I was desperate. Surprisingly enough I didn’t do too badly at Costco because I spent almost an hour and half there going up and down the isles and back and forth having a debate with myself for EVERY item I put in my cart. Good times, I tell you good times. Then off to 14th &P to the good folks of Whole Paycheck, where I munched on free cheese samples and was able to get out of there with only a $22 bill. You ever get something at the supermarket that was incorrectly weighted and miss priced and feel like you’ve won something? I got a good size block of parmesan cheese for $1.97 and felt like I was good to go. Lol! Parmesan cheese is expense.

Some of you know my real name, first and last and one of the reasons I moved to this anonymous blog format is because my first name isn’t common in these parts called the US of A. In fact it’s fairly uncommon and old fashioned even where it originated from (France). My last name is also a male first name in the English speaking world so, everyone always switches my name around and I get “Dear Mr.”. Yesterday several people including people within my company after reading an email I’d sent out responded by saying “Dear Honest’s last name”. Clearly people DO NOT pay attention to emails because the email went out as follows:

From: Last name, First name (typical for my company)
To: Folks who don’t read “good”
Subject: Blah!

Dear Blah,

Can you update your CV and forward it to me by tomorrow morning.

Best Regards,
First name

Ms. First name Last name
Not head honcho
Company in the ‘burbs
Tel: 555-5555

Bitter, yeah I am because I’d had a long day that involved going to our lawyers’ office for something some renegade colleague did. It does however help with telemarketers since I don’t have caller ID at home I pick up and when I hear can I speak to “Mr. Honest’s last name” I say you have the wrong number. hehe!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Elles Demandent

Thanks to Youtube I can get my zouk video on. I actually saw this video at a restaurant/lounge/strip club in Kyiv last week and just looked it up and realized it was also on Youtube. This was my favorite song of December '06.

OK now for the background on the restaurant/lounge/strip club deal. A colleague and I went to a restaurant recommended to us by a local colleague but went in too late to eat dinner so we decided to venture down the street and look for another place. I happened upon the word Pectopah (which is the only Russian word I can read in Cyrillic) and figured at 9:30 PM it was better then nothing. We entered in what we thought was a family type restaurant since there was a kid running around and were given the option of sitting in the front dinning room where a pianist and guitarist played or the lounge area with flat paneled TVs playing videos and a DJ playing lounge type music. We chose the lounge area, sat down ordered drinks and food when I realized there was a room beyond the lounge with a pole in the middle. My female colleague and I started laughing our arses off and kept thinking of ways to take pictures of it without being detected.

10 minutes later the reason there was a pole in that room walked right past us with very little clothes and clear stripper heels and proceeded to with the pole. I learned that evening that clear heels are universally stripper heels and appearances can be deceiving.