Tuesday, October 23, 2007


That’s what I did this past weekend when I watched season 3 of the office. I LOVE that show! It’s ridiculous, outrageous and un PC but so damm funny! I watched the original British version on DVD last year and started watching the American version earlier this year.

I actually made a habit of watching an episode every morning before I headed to a work site back in March and had to deal with “le menteur” from my previous post. That was really the only way I could deal with that muhhhfking liar.

So now I’ve caught up to the episodes I missed from this season and am clamoring for more! More office please!


Beloved said...

Oooh! You just gave me my next Netflix pick!

glory said...

did you know they're having an Office convention in Scranton?

Brownngirl said...

The Office is hilarious. I'm just now getting up on that show. lol!

Honest said...

@ Beloved and you can watch them "now" on netflix w/out waiting for the actual DVD
@ Glory -- really? that's cool
@ browngirl -- Isn't it great.