Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving is here!

I'm hosting my very first Thanksgiving and right now the house smells fabulous.

I made some pumpkin muffins for tomorrow's breakfast, boiled the water with the brining seasoning for my turkey and am getting ready to bake Monica's southern comfort cake. Later this afternoon before the 'rents get here I'll make the cranberry sauce.

I decided to take Tuesday and Wednesday off just to relax and get some stuff done around the house and thought it would be great to have my dad and step mom come up instead of me going down to NC, I figured we'd eat at my aunts house or my step mom's cousin's place. Little did I know they thought I was inviting them up to eat at my house. lol! After the slight panic I came up with a game plan and so far so good. The rest of the menu:

Green beans and almond slices
Garlic and Chive Mashed Potatoes
Macaroni and Cheese

I can't wait until tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Anonymous said...

Praise God for your excitement!

CreoleInDC said...


Quel said...


I know you're SO enjoyign the left overs. :)

Hope you had a beautiful day with the fam.

Elisha said...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Feel free to send any leftovers down this way!

Serenity23 said...

So how did the meal turn out?