Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some of My Favorite Things

I've been meaning to blog about something for a while now but I've been busy with life, work, school, and just general chillin'.

Over the last few weeks I've been on a quest to fill up my wine fridge with delicious wine and also make sure I have enough so I don't show up empty handed when I'm invited to gatherings or dinner parties. To do that, I've had to drink lots and lots of it. It's a tough job but I'm up for the challenge. I made my choices first based on my instant attraction to the label, followed by the description of the wine and what the vendor thought it would pair well with in regards to food. Cool, funky labels seem to draw me in as I'm browsing through wine aisles.

So here goes, some of my favorite things (wines):

The first one is called a cupcake chardonnay, the name alone resonated with me but the buttery and creamy flavors of the wine has me buying a bottle every time I pass a world market.

Now this Sauvignon Blanc I picked up at Costco and although pricier then a table wine it's absolutely delicious. Crisp and light, this New Zealand white is really refreshing.

If you don't like sweet wines but wanted to try a Riesling this dry one is delicious. I actually like sweet wines but tried it because the label in the store said it worked well with spicy Asian food and I was preparing a spicy Asian style fish stew that night. It's really good although the Hostess thought it was just ok.

This label caught my eye and when I realized it was a Riesling I had to pick it up. I found it at wholefood for only $8 and it's a great wine.

This isn't a wine but I thought I'd add it to my favorite things because it's a beer that needs a corkscrew to open. A delicious Raspberry flavored Belgian Beer, which btw, is now all the rage in my hood. They add Raspberry flavor after the initial fermentation or something like that. The end result is a delicious bev-raj that is way better then the flavored malt liquor stuff they make for women to drink.


1969 said...

Now this was a good post. I also love those Raspberry Belgian Beers.

Have you tried Blue Moon? It is a citurs tasting beer. You might like it.

Hostess said...

I wanna put my bid in for Basignani. It's a weet reisling only sold in MD. But ti's GOOD!!

c2a said...

Great post! I don't drink wine- outside of a winery- but when buying for the house I'm attracted to the funky labelling and interesting packaging as well. I'll probably pick up the Cupcake for our Christmas party. Thanks!

Lord Hannibal said...

Nice list.

Do you like desert wines? If so, may I suggest Bricco Riella sparkling Moscato? It's very reasonable (about $11 a bottle) and good enough to drink with or without desert.

Anonymous said...

Don't sleep on the Yellow Tail. Surprisingly, they make some damn good wine.

Kayla said...

Great list! The Cupcake sounds good! I think I may try that and add it to my fridge. I'm visiting via Hostess. Nice place you got here.

Serenity23 said...

I got a gift of wine a few months ago and the label said "Bitch!" It was actually a good wine and well I guess the gifter thought it'd fit me. LOL! I recently found a dry riesling that had a funky label, but it tastes great. It's called Polka Dot. They have a sweet one and a dry one. Check it out.

Honest said...

@ 1969 -- I love blue moon!
@ Hostess -- Bring a bottle at the next gathering.
@ c2a - Let me know if you like it.
@ Lord Hannibal -- I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the recommedation.
@ Nikki -- I like yellow tail too.
@ Kayla - Hi there! Welcome. Let me know if you like it.
@ S23 - I'll have to check the Polka Dot wine out. thanks.

The OE said...

The only wine I get is that which people do in my ear

GeckoGirl said...

Nice list. I'm with LH, I love moscato. Semillion is also nice if you like dessert wines.

glory said...

i tried a sip of wine the other day for the first time. (i don't drink at all.) it was a chardonnay - don't know the name. i didn't want to spit it out, but i wasn't impressed. y'all really aren't kidding about that "acquired taste" thing!

Sugar said...

Aw man, here I go trying to wean myself off of dranking and you gonna put up a list AND an enticing Raspberry Beer mention? Sheesh. Now, I gotta try that and I'm going to blame you for the gas and bloating [and the hangover]!! I love a Riesling, sweet or dry, depending on my mood, but I don't like beer. So, I usually opt for the draft ciders, Woodchuck being my brand of choice. But, this Raspberry Beer has my interest peaked! Thanks for the list!

Experience Aurie @ wordpress said...

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Janie said...

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