Monday, July 31, 2006

Humidity, Porta potty’s, LCD Projector’s, and Gumbo

Saturday night I thought I was going to a regular old back yard barbeque until I found myself smack dab in front of a “door” girl. You know the girl who collects the money after security goes through your bag or gives you a pat down. I think it was the Hostess who first noticed that there was also a porta potty there near the “entrance”. I use the term “entrance” loosely because the party started in the alley way. (Note: DC is full of alleys and most houses/apts have alley’s behind or beside them).

I guess they needed the extra room since the evite had at least 500 invitees and when I checked the address right before going to the party almost 300 people RSVP’d yes. The party was outdoors but I swear I could feel the humidity engulf me when I joined the crowd at the bar. Yup in the alley they set up a Tiki style bar. Oh and on the back of the hosts’ building the fight was being projected by an LCD projector and on the side of the house next to their building the same fight was being projected by a 2nd LCD projector. Apparently that’s how they roll. I guess we’re going to have to scrounge one up for next year’s birthday beach bash.

When we got there the food was pretty much gone since we waited around for these late broads before heading out to the spot. After one of the hosts told a tale of being burned while making gumbo but we didn’t have any sympathy for him. There was a tale of gumbo but we didn’t see or taste any. No sympathy from me, for all I know the gumbo wasn’t real or it wasn’t good. Either way we went out for Ethiopian afterwards to feed our addictions.

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