Monday, July 17, 2006


Yesterday (July 16th) was my birthday so I spent the weekend celebrating and just enjoying myself. I got lots of well wishes and calls from friends and family and they all reminded me that there are people out there that love and care for me. Next weekend the crew and I are heading to the beach to go camping. It's funny to imagine a bunch of city/suburban dwellers descending on a national park to go camping and fishing but we clearly love it since we keep going back.

It's amazing but no matter how old I get (32 this time) I still feel like a little kid when I get presents and am treated to Happy Birthday wishes. Although I don't expect gifts from anyone other then my parents, it's still nice when I receive them. One down note is that I didn't receive that talking Geico Gecko I asked for. It would have been great for us to chat about pie and chips all evening.

Waving to EJ the DJ Happy Birthday!

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