Monday, July 24, 2006

Good Times

This weekend I continued the birthday celebration our third annual Birthday Beach Weekend. We went to “ssshhhh” can’t disclose the location for fear of folks discovering it’s greatness and ruining it. You know how people do J. We had about 23 city people show up although the forecast called for thunder storms. Other then the wind messing up our tent set up and the monsoon that occurred in the middle of the night the weekend was a great success. For some reason it gets better and better every year. Next year we’re going all out two nights in a row!

If there was a blemish on the weekend it would have to be the fly that kept creeping into my boy’s truck on the way home. I haven’t thought about it until recently but what is the purpose of a fly? Besides flying by your ear and causing folks to start flinging their arms all over the place what is their purpose?

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