Friday, August 18, 2006

I've Got Nothing

I had a couple of blog topics floating around in my head during my flight from DC to London to Yerevan but I can’t seem to develop anything but a sentence or two with each. My flight was un eventful which is probably a good thing. The security check lines both at Dulles and the transfer terminals at Heathrow weren’t long and my luggage arrived at the same time that I did. I was able to take my books, laptop and some electronic stuff with me on board so thank god I didn’t have to pull my hair out due to boredom. All in all pretty un eventful.

The weirdest feeling was not having my lip balm or hand lotion with me. I never realized how much I relied on those things until I didn’t have them for 17 hours.

I’m here for three weeks so I’m sure I’ll have something blog worthy soon, hopefully. I’m exhausted and am looking forward to this weekend so I can sleep.

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