Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Case of the Stalker

Friday August 18th

Stalker: Hey Ladies
Us: Hey
Stalker: Ladies where are you from? Amerika?
Us: Yes
Stalker: Where you from in Amerika? Kansas, Nebraska?
Me: (Giving him a are you fucking kidding me eye. sorry square state people). We’re from D.C
Stalker: ah I want to go to Amerika, I want to go to Miami, I like Miami.
Me: (Eyeing his flower shirt, white pants and pointy white shoes) Well you’re certainly dressed for Miami.
Stalker: Where are you guys going?
Me: We’re meeting friends for drinks.
Stalker: Can I join you?
Me: uh no I don’t think so.
Stalker: Can I get your number?
Me: (frowning there’s something off about this dude) Uh no that’s not a good idea. Ok bye.
Stalker: ok bye.

My colleague and I walk into my favorite bar in Yerevan and meet up with some locals I’ve gotten to know on some of my trips here. After sitting down I look up and The Stalker has entered the bar. Luckily for us they don’t let random dudes in the place unless someone working or a regular patron can vouch for them and dude was eventually asked to leave. Fast forward about an hour and a half and my colleague and I are ready to head back to the hotel but who do we spot standing next to a tree across the street, pants glowing? The mufucking Stalker.

My first thought was ah I wish a mufucker would! I will get Brooklyn and cause an international incident. Common sense prevailed and my female colleague and I quickly hopped into a cab back to the hotel.

Saturday August 19th

My colleague and I are walking back to the hotel after hanging out at my favorite bar and spots a florist. (Corner Florist are open 24/7 here) She wants to buy a rose but the guy buying his girlfriend flowers insists on buying us one. We say thank you and we’re on our way. Half way back I notice a guy suddenly start walking slightly behind us. Me I don’t trust when someone suddenly starts walking near me in the wee hours of the morning. My colleague notices also and we cross the street. Dude continues walking in pace with us and for me that’s unusual. First people here walk very slowly, like they never have any place to be kind of slow and we were booking cause it was the wee hours of the morning. So finally I point out a bar that I went to once last year that had great music but was considered a gay bar. After noticing that the dude stopped when we stopped we ducked into the bar for a quick second. When we came back out 5 minutes later he was gone but we ran into the flower purchaser, his girlfriend and her brother who insisted that we go out for beers with them. It was 2:30 AM but after a while we both accepted and had a great conversation with them about life, Armenia, and the US over Red Bavaria brew which btw is quite delicious.

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