Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I’m taking the week off (kind of) in honor of my Honest Mama visiting from NYC. I started my semi vacation on Friday afternoon and it’s already Wednesday evening. Where did the time go? Yesterday my mom and I met some of my old colleagues for lunch outside of the agency I used to work for in downtown D.C.

As I sat on a bench and waited for our appointment time I ran into an old colleague that used to work for my current company but now work's for our major client, my old agency. Who says you can’t go from the private sector to government. Suddenly a certain weird feeling over came me as I watched more and more people go in and out of the office building with those familiar badges. I felt anxious, nervous even to be back where I started my career and the building I spent so much time in for the first three years of my DC life. Where I learned my lesson that you shouldn’t get your meat where you get your bread, and learned that sometimes in life you need to make a change.

Lunch was great and hanging out with my mom has also been great and I’m going to be sad to see her leave on Sunday. It’s funny but when my mom is visiting I forget I’m 32 years old and revert back to being a kid. Who am I to argue if she doesn’t think the kitchen floor was scrubbed hard enough and wants to do it herself, not I. Who am I to argue if she wants to vacuum and scrub even though I cleaned like a demon before she arrived? I am truly a spoiled kid.

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