Saturday, March 11, 2006

Twisted Spring Memories

As I walked out of my office building yesterday evening the sun was setting and the air smelled like the first signs of spring. The sun’s heat setting was on low but the promise of more heat and sunnier days was in the air. I rolled down my window (4 more years and I’m upgrading to power windows and locks!) and let the air circulate in as I thought back to a sunny late spring Sunday last year.

Sitting on the top deck of our favorite Latin restaurant, sipping on Sangria having a late lunch. The conversation flowed as it normally does and we chatted about a wide range of topics. I felt such ease being out there with him, comfortable, being teased and teasing back. Grabbing his wallet just to tease him and be a little nosy, feeling a bit weirded out and even a little hopeful when I found a picture of myself there. A lazy Sunday afternoon drive followed, down to the mall we went fighting for a parking space with those square state corn fed tourists. We had no interest in going to any of those museums along the mall but just wanted to sit, chat and enjoy each other’s company.

Alas fast forward a few months and the ease and comfortable feeling seized to exist as he took my heart stomped on it and spit it out for good measure. I’d like to think I got over that experience but I’m not 100% sure I’d spit on him if he was on fire.

I’m done going down this path of memory lane and am looking forward to enjoying another 70 degree day in our nation’s capital.

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