Friday, March 03, 2006

Going Down Memory Lane

I was looking through some loose photos on my bookshelf and found a few pictures from my childhood that I thought I'd share.

How it all started. Here is a picture of my parents on their wedding day.

It didn't last and I wonder if my mom's sister had a premonition because she didn't attend my mom's wedding in protest over her choice. I asked my mom if she was upset but she shrugged it off, saying she was disappointed but that's just life. I asked her 37 years after her wedding day and I wonder if time really does heal all wounds. I believe it was Organized Noise that asked "Does their opinion count". I can't imagine what my mom was going through at the time and I can't imagine my family not liking my choice of a life mate.

Six years later, I made my grand appearance and the picture here was taken about 2 months after my birth. My mom, grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousin. I was the cutest baby :-).

Hmm, I have no idea what I was doing doing in this picture but I was clearly happy to see whoever was behind the camera. Aren't I just a fashionista in that shot. I think I was about one in that picture.

Here is a picture of me (and my David Hass.elhoff pose) on my 2nd birthday. This was my first trip to Haiti and my first trip to visit my grandmother. I guess 1976 was a different time because my mom sent me on a plane to Haiti with a family friend I'd never met to spend about two months with my grandmother whom I hadn't seen since I was born. According to my mom I didn't cry and just immediately went to my grandmother when she picked me up from the airport. I guess I knew my grandmere :-).

I took my second trip to Haiti when I was 5 and here is a picture of me and my uncle's dog on the stairwell leading to my grandmother's basement. I was always a little scared of this dog who wasn't soo friendly and he ended up being the first dog to bite me. When I was about 10 I learned the hard way that he was really my uncle's protector. I was playing around with my uncle and hit him on his shoulder and his dog automatically growled and bit me in warning. He didn't break the skin but my uncle was pretty pissed off since I'd known the dog for over 5 years.

Here is a picture of me and my mom after a school Christmas recital circa 1983. Take a look at that TV, I loved that thing. The only problem was that it was so small and was easily carted off to the closet the moment my mom felt I wasn't doing my school work or if my grades slipped.

*ah yeah these pictures look a little weird because I took a picture of the original with my digital camera. I don't own a scanner and couldn't be bothered trying to find someone with one.

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