Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Commuting Thoughts

I have a long ass commute every morning to work from D.C to the dismal abyss that is called Tyson’s Corner (40 minutes each way). Pain in my freaking ass although I shouldn’t complain too much it’s not as bad as some other folks. This leaves a lot of time for my mind to wonder and think about stuff. Despite the bitch of a commute I actually like this time to myself to think and ponder life’s little mysteries. I could as well have time to think while on a 10 to 15 minute bus ride to downtown DC, actually MCI center where we have offices but I digress.

Although I knew this yesterday I was reminded once again that NO one will have your back like you will have your own back. NO ONE especially work folks. At first I was pissed but then again I only have myself to blame. I should know better and really I need to be more aggressive in going after things I want. I’m scheduling drinks with the powers that be. Clearly spending all my freaking time in Armenia hasn’t helped me play the game at home. I heard through “unofficial sources” that was some of the feedback given at my last assessment that I wasn’t aggressive enough regarding certain work issues. Fuckers they have no clue.

I really, really love Zouk music and am sick and tired of being here for Carnival I need to get my money tight for a trip to Martinique next year. Clearly listening to them celebrate over the internet isn’t fulfilling enough. I wish things weren’t so fucked up in Haiti and I could enjoy Carnival there among my people. Alas things are going to hell in a hand basket.

I’m such a freaking snob sometimes it pains me. I’m a pretty nice and easy going person but once in a while I get these shallow thoughts and wonder about myself. I’m afraid I’m often guilty of some narrow minded thoughts about those landlocked corn feed square state folks. Thinking they’re all dumb and know nothing outside of their corn field state is narrow minded. I’m just tired of the right wing fundamentalists. I often sneer at people who can’t dress well…granted I’m no fashion editor but I make an effort to look nice and presentable but dang some dudes out there have NO fashion sense whatsoever and that pains me. The dudes I hang with are pretty snazzy dressers except for the occasional sweater vest mishap (smile) they’re pretty GQ and I guess I can’t expect all men to be like that. I wonder if folks who lack fashion sense know they lack fashion sense or if they even care. A fancy car doesn’t do it for me but a well dressed and smelling man well yummm holla.

Sometimes friends get on your last nerves, really they do. I have a friend who can be so annoying and the other day she just did something that sooo turned me off because one minute she’s sweating a friend of mine and the next she’s talking about her like a dog. Why? I know she’s the way she is but sometimes it’s too much and uncalled for.

I haven’t been to a good Dancehall party in a minute…I’m still signaling the plane for god’s sake. I also just realized I can’t remember the last time I went to a club here. I’ve been hitting the lounge and bar type places on a regular but a straight club it’s been a minute. I don’t terribly miss it but it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to do one night.

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