Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm Hungry!

First of all thank you for your well wishes and support. I’m going with Rainmayun’s theory that the good folks in Norfffeast D.C have run off with the supply of percocept. I was fine taking one a day then on Sunday I freaked out in the middle of the night, thought the cats were trying to break in, broke into a paranoid sweat and have since given up on that form of pain relief. I’d hate to be a statistic and show up on the news as yet another person addicted to pain relievers so instead I’m going the ibuprofen route.

I’m starving!!!!!!!! Eating Jell-O and soup everyday for the last 5 days has driven me bananas! I’m weak and need food! I haven’t had any meat in 5 days, no alcohol, no Girl Scout cookies, just Jell-O and soup and the occasional mashed banana. I had a dream about Twinkies and I don’t even eat that stuff anymore. I’m craving a coke but I know the acid will just ruin all the “good healing” going on in my mouth. I don’t even like Coke like that but I’m just craving one now. I want FOOD! I’m heading out for Ethiopian tonight and I can’t wait. Even if I have to gum it, I’m having real food tonight.

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