Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Trying to Mack

My siblings spent the weekend with me before departing for a summer in Guatemala. Side Note: Lucky Bastards. On Saturday a friend of mine dropped by and hung out with us for a while. I warned my siblings, their cousin and our aunt that my girl was a bit crazy but she was lovable. She gets to my house and is her usual hilarious self. Before she got there I warned her NOT to flirt with my little brother. I know he’s 23, grown, although not a “grown ass man” and can take care of himself but he’s still my little brother.

As the night progresses my brother, sister, friend and I move from outside to the living room to play cranium. Everyone else left and we’re sipping on some wine and trying to figure out between the four of us how to play the game. Throughout the night my girl and my brother are flirting and after repeated “please people” I don’t want to hear this shyt they ignore me and we continue to play Cranium.

Honestly, I was disgusted and although I knew nothing would come of it because my brother is broker then broke, hasn’t finished college and my high maintenance 31 year old girl who only pays attention to dudes who make more then six figures wasn’t going to step to him but damm I don’t want to see my little brother trying to get his mack on with one of my friends. NOT ACCEPTABLE so I did what any big sister would do in that situation, I cock blocked. Yup I did, when it was time for my girl to leave we both ended up walking her to her car.

After we got back into the house, my brother fell into bed in the guest room and was like “she’s hot, I like her”, my reply “yeah she is, but not for you, now go to bed, I'm turning off the lights".

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