Sunday, June 11, 2006

Lazy Sunday Afternoons

I treasure “me” time because I often go without it. There’s always something to do, places to be and obligations to fulfill. Once in a while I long for the weekends or even a day here or there where I can veg out and recharge my batteries. Today was that day. I had to drive my siblings to the airport at 7:00 AM this morning, returned by 7:30 and got back into bed where I dozed on and off until about 11:00. Playing in the background was the sound of various Food Network hosts, telling me how easy it was to make whatever it was that they’re whipping up on screen.

When I can, I spend my Sunday mornings/afternoons watching the Food network, my newest obsession. It’s amazing as I look back over the last few years and realize how much my cooking style has changed, evolved and how much interest I’ve taken into trying new recipes. I’ve always loved having small dinner parties and entertaining but I usually stuck to the usual, some sort of chicken and rice dish, salad, and/or fondue. Now that I’m an avid Real Simple and Food Network junky I’m always itching to try something new and interesting. I’ve gotten so into it that when my mom took me to a fancy restaurant last weekend, I just went on and on about how the chef “plated” the food and how the colors worked so well in the Seared Center-Cut Tuna loin with Ginger Piperade and Parsley Wasabi Sauce. The Wasabi sauce looked great among the other colors of the dish but didn’t have much taste. Clearly, I can be a guest chef on the next Top Chef contest. Lol!

Now, whenever I walk into a bookstore, my first stop is always the cookbook section. My evolving interest in cooking isn’t a new career interest but is definitely a hobby I intend to pursue with great interest.

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