Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I Won!

My first ebay item…and I’m extremely giddy. I’m not exactly sure if I actually need a new pair of cropped jeans but I have a new pair of cropped jeans from Banana. I’m also bidding on a dress but I have another day and a half to see if I’ll win that one. Let’s hope it’s it’s actually what I bid on when I get my shipment. Either way I’m pretty excited and feel like I’ve “done” something. Maybe that’s how ebay has become so successful. Tapping into the competitive and entrepreneurial nature of some folks.

A friend of mine buys and sells things on ebay on what I swear is a weekly basis. She’s always sending me links of things she thinks she needs and I could never understand the phenomenon. Now that I’ve actually won an item I think I might start looking in my closet for things I would normally have sent to the Salvation Army but can now sell on ebay!

Ching Ching!

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