Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Belgrade Rocks!

I went to Belgrade last weekend to hang out with some friends and partied like a Rock Star! Still relatively cheap by U.S. standards, Belgrade is Eastern European’s official partayyy city. I’d been there, two years ago during the late fall and had a good time but this time I wasn’t ready for how vibrant and crazy it can be during the summer. I woke up on Saturday morning at 4:00 to catch a 6 AM flight got there at 7AM, ate breakfast and immediately began walking around with one of my co workers. Took a 15 minute nap, went for Sushi at a restaurant owned by the son of one of Serbia’s most notorious war criminals, then hung out at one of the gazillion out door café’s to watch a world cup game. Got together with the team from my company for dinner then off to experience some of the city’s night life.

First stop, this really cool outdoor café then off to one of the many nightclubs that are located on a barge along the Danube River. I’d heard about them but this was crazy, several barges were completely renovated into techno/house clubs complete with crazy light shows. I’m not overly fond of house or techno but I busted out my circa mid 1990 house moves from when I actually liked listening to that type of music. I’m dancing along with the crowd and suddenly look up and realize the sun came up and it’s freaking 5:30 AM and I’d been up for over 24 hours.

I get back to the apartment try to sleep, wake up around 11:30 and head out for lunch, more hanging out and sightseeing. I had to get to the airport by 8:30PM and wanted to maximize my time in Belgrade so I powered through with lots of cappuccino’s and red bulls. It’s Wednesday and I’m still tired from the weekend. I’ve looked at my calendar in an attempt to figure out when I’ll be able to sleep in and not worry about being somewhere and have scheduled 10 hours or more of uninterrupted sleep time for Saturday, July 8th.

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