Friday, June 30, 2006

Highly Annoyed

I’m typing this while I wait for my flight from Vienna to depart to D.C. I’m annoyed because the ground crew folks were trying to “check” my carryon suitcase. The plane is full they said, it’s too heavy and too big. Fuck you ground crew dude I bought this suitcase because it could go on board with me. Well I didn’t tell him that but I did tell him if I didn’t need the items inside I would have checked it and told him to go get other suitcases then come back to me.. He didn’t like that and I don’t give a fuck. Great, the flight is full that means you’ve made some money today, congratulations. When I boarded the plane so did a bunch of people with carryon’s the size of mine. Now how pissed would I have been if I’d listened to the rat bastard. If the airlines didn’t have a habit of loosing luggage I wouldn’t have to carry stuff on board with me aside for my purse and laptop but you can’t trust these fuckers to actually have your suitcase at the destination especially when you’re switching airplanes.

One of my assets or faults is that when I put my mind to something especially when I’ve paid for something I don’t like to hear no or you can’t. I paid $2,650 for this roundtrip ticket, sure it’s not my money but whatever the amount paid should mean something. 1) That I could take a carryon that was within the carryon weight limit 2) I can get a glass of wine on the plane without having to pay for it. Now that I’m on this rant I CANNOT believe how cheap airlines have become now. If you’re on a flight within the U.S. you have to pay for your meal if you’re in economy. Gas prices have gone up but so have ticket prices so I don’t understand how they’ve gone barebones, I might as well take greyhound (ok maybe not). In fact I think I’m going to write a letter on their website to complain about the cheapness. I love giving feedback. Can’t you tell I hate airports? I like getting to my destination but I hate airports and I hate airlines. Cheap bastards!

Oh and I start the process all over again tomorrow when I get on a flight to Vegas.

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