Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Would You?

Invite an ex to your wedding? Or even someone you messed around with but still saw out on a social level? I was having dinner with some colleagues on Monday night and the subject came up. One of them was telling us a story about a dude she “hooked up” with a few times who invited her to his 2nd wedding then decided to un invite her after she’d RSVP’d. His excuse was that he wasn’t sure if he could go through with it knowing she was sitting in the pews behind him. Uhh! Clearly he wasn’t ready to get married.

Another colleague said he was invited to his first love/H.S sweetheart’s wedding and went with his new girl and didn’t see anything wrong with it. He used the “I’m over her and didn’t see anything wrong with it” argument.

I’m not sure I would be comfortable going to an ex’s wedding even if I went with new dude or alone, just way too weird and filled with too much drama potential for me.

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