Saturday, February 11, 2006

And the Bullshyt Continues

This project is fucked and no amount of vodka tonics will let me forget that I’m about to start a revolution tomorrow around brunch time. I kicked this up the food chain a while ago and they listened but haven’t given me any tools to fix the problem. Houston we HAVE a problem and I need a freaking solution! I’m so fucking agitated by repeated issues that I feel like a hamster just spinning on a wheel. Half of our issues can and will be solved by a coup d’etat. The other half is dealing with our local client whose operating model is that of the old Russian K.G.B way of managing and we all know how well that turned out. All this and I still haven’t been able to get a picture with Jermaine who leaves tomorrow.

The other day the Hostess blogged about H.S. and how our roles in H.S translated to our role as adults. Although I don’t believe this theory fits with everyone after thinking about the H.S Honest and the adult Honest I realized that I haven’t fundamentally changed since ’92. Sure I’ve grown as a person and view the world differently and some of my ideals have changed, but I still avoid drama like the plague, I can’t imagine not doing something whether it’s volunteering or getting involved in a community activity with my neighbors. The H.S Honest was all over the map between the Dance club, March of Dimes, Year book, Senior Package, Leadership team etc and then on top of that I did Academy of Finance. The “most popular” hierarchy at my school was broken up into segments because we had 3,200 kids. The segments were usually broken up by year, clubs, locker room bays, and academic tracks. Was I popular who knows, I ran with different segments so I knew a lot of people and a lot of folks knew me. A few months ago someone I went to H.S saw my picture on the website of a professional organization I belong and contacted the website administrator for my contact info. Turns out he lives in suburban MD not too far from me. The class of ’92 didn’t have a H.S reunion and since I only keep in touch with just a handful of folks since H.S. I kind of wish we had one just to see what everyone was up to.

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