Friday, February 03, 2006

Freaking Dilemma

Ok maybe not so much of a dilemma because I know what I have to do but it’s hard and sometimes I hate being “that bitch”. Remember the cleaning lady from our project office in Arm.enia? Unfortunately I deleted the old blog and can’t link up to it now so I’ll have to refresh your memory.

Our cleaning lady belongs to a Christian sect here in Arme.nia that were kicked out of Russia because of their extreme beliefs. They are strict followers of the bible particularly when it comes to the last book of the New Testament. The revelation of Saint John the Devine. The revelation says that one shouldn’t be associated with the number of the devil but this sect is interpreting that to mean they shouldn’t be associated with any number in general. The government here instituted a social security system last year and has required all citizens to obtain one. They were careful not to put any “6s” into the numbering scheme so no one will have three “6s” in a row. This sect decided to sue so they wouldn’t have to obtain social security cards but they lost their case in court.

Well when I left Arme.nia in November I thought we’d (the guy in charge of the project here and I) decided to let her go once we found a replacement because she refuses to get a social security card. Well, when I got back here on Tuesday her ass was still here. Ahhh! This is a poor country so it’s not hard to find another cleaning lady but since she’s so sweet no one wants to let her go.

Well what happens in the U.S. if your business employs illegal aliens without social security numbers? You get fined that’s what. Despite the random corruption and general fuckdupness here they have fines down to a science and I can’t exactly explain away a $2,500 annual fine for hiring a non documented worker. I’m trying to get promoted here not fired for someone else’s convictions. So now I have to put my foot down and tell them to let go the sweet old lady who never complains about cleaning up after 25 adults.

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