Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Crack is Here

It’s Girls Scout Cookie Time! How is a girl supposed to get on the health kick bandwagon between 3 week long work trips and freaking girl scout cookies! 4 Thin Mints equal about 170 calories; 4 measly cookies!

I stumbled a bit with the health bandwagon kick while I was in Arm.enia. Sure I worked out a bit for the first two weeks but I had to eat out every day, three times a day which doesn’t help my diet situation. A few years ago when I wanted to loose some weight I decided to eat well at home but gave myself the luxury of eating what I wanted when I ate out. Well I don’t curb my “eating out” pass when I’m traveling but I’ll have to change my stance. I think lifestyle changes should be gradual so I’m slowly instituting a healthy eating plan for restaurant meals.

I’m also eliminating my red meat intake, (except when having Ethiopian, can’t get chicken or lamb Gored Gored). Next on my list of cut backs is wine and Vodka, I’m no Bree (Desperate Housewives) but I usually have a glass of wine at night with my dinner and a few vodka tonics if I’m out with friends. I heard you can loose weight by cutting out alcohol from your diet. Lol!

My goal is to get back down to an “average” BMI for my height and body type. Being short sucks sometimes.

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