Wednesday, February 22, 2006

And I Cry

(There’s a reggae song with those words in the hook, I think).

Ever just cry when reading a book or watching a movie? I rarely cry as a result of things that happen to me but if there’s anything remotely sad in a book, in a movie or on T.V. I’m automatically in tears. I wonder if I’m getting my good cries out using other people’s tragedies as a crutch.

I was reading the Darkest Child last month and just couldn’t believe how sad and tragic the entire book was. I was on a plane full of people trying to hide my tears and finally gave up and just kept bawling. I can just imagine what the stewardess thought when she asked me what I wanted to drink and I sniffed and wiped my eyes with my shirt sleeve before answering.

I recently finished the Kite Runner and basically cried throughout the entire book. Can you imagine just tearing up every night for four nights because of a fictional character’s emotions? There came a point when I almost didn’t finish the book I was so sick and tired of crying. **Spoiler Alert** I even cried during the father/daughter advice scene at the end of Something New. Clearly I need help. I’m reading the Parable of the Sower this weekend for my book club hopefully there aren’t too many sad scenes in it. I can’t deal with the headaches that come after all my crying fits.

Or maybe it’s because I’m such a Cancer

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