Sunday, February 05, 2006

Guess Who?

Final Edit 2/9/06:

I haven't seen Jermaine since Sunday evening but my camera is ready just in case.


Is staying at my hotel in Arm.enia?



did you guess?

OK I'll tell ya

Jermaine Jackson folks...yup of the Jackson 5 fame as in Michael Jackson's brother. I didn't actually see him myself but my colleague did and the hotel staff who we're cool with confirmed that it's him. There are conflicting reasons for his visit but he's supposedly working on a fundraiser for orphaned kids here. I'll update this post once she emails me the picture she took of him.

Ha not only are there now 5 black people in this country, one of them happens to be a Jackson. Who would have thunk.

Edit 10:04 PM Local Time
Well I saw Jermaine with my own two eyes right in front of the hotel. He said hello, I said hello and after he went in, I promptly kicked myself for not asking him what he was doing here. Turns out my colleague only has video of him and not a picture so I won't be able to share. If I run into him again I will document with pictures.

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