Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Is it real?

I went to the gym today (yup I’m back on the gym bandwagon) and the T.V was tuned to ESPN and I started thinking about a conversation I had with a friend of mine a couple of weekends ago. While my friend was partially enthralled by the stories being reported on Sports Center. I started thinking, this isn’t real. The reporters covered their stories with zest and were clearly experts in the sports area. Yet I still didn’t get it, none of this was real.

I watched a reporter deliver her “news” story and when she and the anchors started analyzing the expressions of the coach of the game they were analyzing, I lost it. This isn’t real! If Sports Center doesn’t come on, if we don’t see the highlights or get the score of the game the world will still stay the same. The political situation in Haiti will continue to be fucked up, the war in Iraq will go on and life as we know it will continue. Yet the reporters on sports center are delivering the news like all of the world’s problems will be solved when we see the highlights of the game, realized that our team won and know that coach K’s face when Duke lost to Georgetown was that of disbelief.

Eh, I guess it does matter, it matters so much that sports and sports news is a gazillion dollar business. It matters so much that someone I know was willing to duck out of an acquaintances’ wedding he RSVP’d to, to watch the game. Although I raise an eyebrow at how serious sports are to some folks, whom am I to judge or begrudge someone’s obsession, I tivo road rules and real world.

sssshhhh the game is on.

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