Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Crush

The After Party hostess wrote a comment inspiring post on what men and women value the most when looking for a mate. I used to joke around with my friends that I was looking for a guy with hard titties but when I meet a dude that’s the last thing I think about. What peeks my interest when I meet someone? Intelligence; not what schools he went to, but is he smart in a non cocky way. Although I admit that numerous degrees do impress me. Does he read; what kind of books/magazines/newspapers?

I have a crush on this guy who works on my project. A crush on his brain and personality more then anything because I don’t find him physically attractive but I’m sure if I let myself I’d get to that eventually. He’s such a nerd and reads the Economist for pleasure. That’s sexy. This dude doesn’t come off as arrogant or full of himself but as someone who is sure of who he is and where he’s going. Alas, he’s off limits. I seem to have crushes on men who are off limits which might be something I’ll need to analyze at another time.

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