Thursday, January 12, 2006

Back in the day..

When I was young, I’m not a kid anymore.

Yesterday after work I met some friends out for a drink while we waited for our fairly late dinner reservation time. Trying to get a gazillion people together for dinner during restaurant week is a bitch. I walked into the spot and immediately felt out of place. I felt old, tired and clearly out of place. Back in the day (give or take a year or so ago) I could walk into a spot where young, black, upwardly mobile folks hung out and would recognize at least half of the patrons by face. Now; not so much I have no idea who these people are and where they came from. My girl and I looked at each other and realized we were too old for that spot. Despite feeling a little out of place I had a great time people watching and doing the laffy taffy.

I guess I should go and finally pick up my 30 and over card.

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