Sunday, April 09, 2006

So Embarrassing

I was given the option of having dinner in Adam’s Morgan (trendy neighborhood in D.C.) and after dinner drinks and dancing at one of my favorite African clubs. Just the thought of being out late led me to counter with a movie instead of a big night out on the town. We had dinner at an Ethiopian Restaurant (of course) in Georgetown and decided to check out the new Denzel movie.
Unfortunately the movie was sold out so we elected to wait an hour for the new Morgan Freeman movie and headed to one of the many bars in the area for a drink. We get to the movie and eventually the half bottle of wine I drank at dinner and the Vodka Tonic after dinner drink caught up with me and I fell asleep during the movie. I woke up towards the middle and realized that I had to work to stay awake, the movie sucked.

As we followed the crowd and headed out of the theatre. We chatted about the movie and both agreed that it sucked. Then I was hit with the:

Him: “So I saw you were asleep for half the movie”
Me: “what?!? Well a little how’d you know? Were you looking at me?”
Him: “Well I couldn’t help myself when I heard you snoring”
Me: “oh my god!”

Needless to say I’m embarrassed but I’ll get over it.

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