Sunday, April 16, 2006

New York State of Mind

Happy Easter Everyone!

I went up to NYC Thursday night to spend the Easter Weekend with my mom and family. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to even contact my NYC bloggers let alone friends from H.S. Next time peeps.

You know that rule that no one is allowed to talk about your mom except you? As a New Yawker I’m going to talk about my peeps. For all things sacred on the road I cannot understand how rude folks from New York when they’re behind the wheel. No such thing as signaling and that thing called yielding?!?! Never heard of it up there in NYC. I’ve been driving in and around NYC regularly for the last 5 years and have known since I was a wee bit lad that NY’ers have issues regarding common courtesy on the road but got damm people, da hell?!?! As I got out of the Holland Tunnel and turned onto Canal Street on Thursday night my entire persona changed, I turned back into that crazed NYC driver to fit along with all the other crazies on the road. Clearly, I have issues.

Most New Yorkers think that the world starts in NYC then there’s the rest of the world (this is actually true) and the reason I believe they believe this to be the case, is because most New Yorkers never leave NYC or the tri state area. When I was a kid most of the working class families I knew went on vacation back to whatever island, country their parents came from to visit relatives and that was it. Hell the Pocono’s was a journey for most. On the way back from my aunt’s restaurant in New Jersey, as we drove back to my cousin’s house, my mom was surprised to see a city bus rolling down the street. “Oh they have buses out here”, that statement sparked the who has the best transit system in the world and every city I threw out there my mom countered with “are they open 24 hours a day”. I guess after 36 years of living in NYC she’s become a true New Yorker.

The morale of the story? There is none. I know there’s life outside of NYC because I’ve been there I’ve lived in different cities, visited different countries but all pale in comparison to my city, New York City.

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