Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Yesterday I forgot my lunch and was forced to get lunch from the café in our building. I was impatiently waiting for someone to finish getting food at the salad bar when I turned and looked straight into the café worker’s neck. He has tattoos on his neck. I wonder if they’re prison tats or gang related tats. Who tattoos their neck? I can imagine that shyt hurt, a lot! I’m not sure how I feel about having someone with a prison tat dishing up my lunch grub. Well, I bought my lunch today. Chicken and rice with crème fraiche and shallot sauce. Yummy.

I love, love the food network! Not as much as I love L&O but it’s up there. While I was stuck at home two weekends ago recovering from the whole “wisdom teeth” thing I watched endless hours of Food TV. I think I’m going to sign up for a cooking class soon. I’ve said this before but now I really, really want to go. I made Moules Mariniere and Frites (Mussels and Fries) for the fam on Saturday. It was ok except I got a lil’ too happy with the salt. When I added the chopped parsley at the end I said “Bamm”.

It was time for a cell phone upgrade so I bought the new pink razor. I love it, so cute and I have a lil’ blue tooth accessory thingy to go with it, also in pink. Y’all didn’t know, Pink is the new black. Oh and Hostess it’s a camera phone and has a new improved ring tone. Hehe (giggling in anticipation at the look on the Hostesses’ face when she hears my new ring tone).

I haven’t been able to find anyone to dig up my side gardens yet and I know I have all summer to get it together but I want it done NOW! Everyone keeps telling me to get a day worker but uhh yeah with all this new immigration law talk they may not be around any more. Did you see the movie “A Day without a Mexican”? My parents are immigrants and since this law is aimed at Latino read minority immigrants so I sympathize. Haitians get no love when it comes to immigration matters in this country. Oh unless you’re a star soccer player then they’ll do everything to help you and possibly your family with their immigration status. Power to my people.

I have a team happy hour this afternoon and I think I’m getting an award. I got a weird paycheck stub in the mail this weekend and since we NEVER get our pay check stubs in the mail I think something is up. I think they’re liquoring us up and then hitting us with a team reorganization speech. Not sure how that will affect me but my former admin manager who is traveling called and gave me a heads up and wants to “talk” tomorrow. We shall see. Either way I’m still going back to Armenia in the near future read: next few weeks.

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