Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Sad Note

I had such a fabulous weekend and what I felt sad about isn’t so much at the fore front of my mind anymore. I haven’t forgotten what happened but I’m no longer amazed by it and just realize that my idea of friendship is quite different then someone else’s. Before I begin I have to say there are always two sides to a story and this is my side.

Some of you who read this blog knew I was having an open house BBQ this past weekend to finally celebrate the grand opening of the patio chez Honest. A good friend of mine decided that she was going to come up from N.C. for the w/e and hang out, only problem was that I’d already booked my guest room she couldn’t stay with me as she normally does. I knew she had friends and family in the area so I wasn’t too worried and suggested that she should ask one of them to stay over. She’d expressed concern about drinking and driving and I offered up my room for the night of the bbq/party. I can’t mix her with a lot of people so her staying for the entire weekend wasn’t an option. The day before the party she changed her RSVP to maybe and IM’d me that although she was indeed coming up to DC she wasn’t sure if she would be able to make my party because she hadn’t set her plans for Saturday afternoon yet. I was a bit confused because I thought her plans for Saturday afternoon included my shin ding but realized that what she was telling me was that she was coming to my party if she didn’t find anything better to do. This from a former roommate, a friend I let stay on my couch of my studio apartment for over a month while she was doing an internship in D.C, this from a friend I’d been there for since 1996.

A mutual friend came to my party and mentioned seeing her for cocktails earlier that afternoon and mentioned that she was indeed coming to the party. The next morning I wake up and noticed that I have three missed calls from her which started at about 1:00 AM. We’d been partying since 4 PM and since we’re old now and the last person left my house at midnight I was knocked out and didn’t hear my phone ring. I called her back the next day and she sounded nonchalant and was shocked when I told her the party ended at midnight. When I told her I couldn’t believe she didn’t come to my party she gave me the excuse that she thought it wouldn’t end until 2 or so because the last time she hung out with some of the people that attended my party we left their house at 2AM (that was New Years and we didn’t get there until 11:30), she also used the excuse that my 30th birthday party ended late as well (btw she wasn’t there and just assumed it ended late). After I repeated several times that I couldn’t believe that she didn’t come to my party she kept saying she thought it was going to end after 1 or so and that she had dinner plans and then went to a movie. At first I found it extremely hard to believe that she came all the way up to D.C. and decided to wait until after midnight to show up to a BBQ that started at 4 of her supposed road dawg. It’s not worth analyzing but I did wonder for a second why she’d go through such lengths? To prove a point? To teach me a lesson? I have no clue but what I do know is that despite the obvious attempt at a snub I had a “perfect” weekend and a drama free one.

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