Wednesday, May 17, 2006

So I Cheated

I didn’t want to but I didn’t have a choice. It had been 9 weeks since my last relaxer and I was desperate. I like my regular hairdresser really I do but I’ve had enough. Enough of the inability to fit within MY schedule, the constant rescheduling, and I was sick and tired of not being seated in the “chair” until almost an hour plus after my appointment time. I started going to my hairdresser in October of 2002 after staying up until 6 AM trying to remove my micro braids on my own. Although I’d hacked off patches of hair in sheer frustration when I was removing my braids, she managed to bring my hair back to life and to it’s healthiest state since I started relaxing my hair.

In October of 2004 I cheated for a few months after my patience with the constant overbooking wore thin only to return crawling back after my hair started breaking. Well I cheated again on Monday mainly because I knew I couldn’t wait until “she” was ready to see me. I went to a new salon and within 15 minutes of my appointment was seated in the chair and 2 and ½ hours later I had a new do. The results weren’t as great as with my regular lady but I had a nice trim and I wasn’t frustrated from sitting there waiting with other overbooked clients. Will I cheat again? Probably I’m going to give this place another try to make sure the timing wasn’t a fluke and hopefully they’ll learn a bit more about my hair and things will work out fine. I’m tired of driving all the way to suburban MD and waiting and waiting and waiting just for a hairdresser appointment.

I always say “never let a straight man do your hair” – Do others feel that way?

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