Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Early Sunday morning I woke up and started a crazed day of running errands and cleaning my house. At 8:30AM I sat on my office/guest room floor and shredded pesky marketing mailers and a gazillion offers to ruin my credit. Through paper jams and plain “it just ain’t working” moments I finally shredded the mound of paper under my desk. As I sat there on the floor for an hour and a half I bitched and moaned and generally complained to myself about the need to even shred your mail particularly credit card offers.

Identity theft is real, hell despite money making industry identity theft protection has been I know companies that offer those services are just capitalizing on a growing fear of inconvenience and lost money. So I need someone from a company or industry to blame and it hit me as I waited for my overheated shredder to cool down that the credit card companies are in bed with the companies that make shredders. I’ve been through two shredders in less then 4 years from all that damm mail I get. Clearly I’m not interested in any of the credit card offers I get almost everyday from the SAME credit card company but I realized that the more I get, the more I shred and therefore the more shredders I’ll end up having to buy.

If there’s someone in charge of those credit card offers in the mail and someone who works for a company that manufactures shredders reading this, just know I have my eye on you and your capitalist ways. I SEE YOU!

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