Sunday, July 01, 2007

Olivier Needs a J.O.B

My neighbour and I decided to run some errands together on Saturday and stopped by Petsmart so I can pick up some supplies for Pierre and Olivier.

Neighbor: Da hell, you just spent $93?
Me: Yup but it's a months worth of food and supplies
Neighbor: Yeah but dang they better get a job or something. Can you put them in commercials?
Me: Bwahahha! (thinking: That's not a bad idea)

So if there are any animal commercial producers reading this. Olivier and Pierre need a JOB stat! Here's a video of Olivier I took two Christmases ago, please consider this his audition tape.


The OE said...

How about inspiration for a book? Do they have their own blog? With pics and videos and stuff like what they are thinking, captions, etc? That would so sell!

This was a dead of the night covert operation fly by

AG said...

You might consider making one of them an office pet. I understand that certain tax benefits could be afforded to you. I think the business must be belong the pet owner.
Just a thought.

Hostess said...

Ever considered entering them into the undergroud, yet very profitable, business of street cat fighting?? OK, I don't know if it really exists BUT if there is underground dog fighting, there has to be a market for cat fighting. I've seen your cats. I'm sure they both could hold their own in the mean streets.

Anonymous said...

Try teaching them some tricks or something. Like how to turn the blender on so you can make margaritas.

gold said...

Thats too cute!!

CreoleInDC said...

(Busily adding a cat to a script.)

Sugar said...

Yeah, $93 is a bit more than I'd want to spend on a kitty as well. Shoot, my cat would be eating table scraps like a mother! Can cats eat table scraps? Oh well, mine would.

You've gotten some pretty good suggestions in the comments (lmao). Let us know what you come up with.

Lady D said...

LOL! I like that.