Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What would you do?

If someone you liked, like really really really liked tried to set you up with one of his friends. You and dude have hooked up on more then one occasion. You profess your undying “like” to him and that you want more. He gently tells you that he needs to work on himself and isn’t ready for more. Yet you find out that a few weeks later he flies across the country to hang out with some chica. You then tell him you can no longer hook up. However you continue to hang out on occasion, IM, email, phone and of course hook up. Two weeks after the last hook up you organize a Happy hour to where you each bring friends. Walking back to your respective cars, he repeatedly asks if you think Tom is cool. The next day you realize he gave your email address to Tom, who asks you to hang out.

What would you do?


The OE said...

Well you can't be too upset at contestant 1 because you approached everything pretty casually and, when he decided to get uncasual, he did it somewhere else. But you did something right, which I hope wasn't get physical real fast, that he thought contestant number 2, Tom, might appreciate. So it's up to you to A) talk to Tom and B) rip his XXXXX of if you find he's up to no damn good. Give me a call on the hotline if this isn't clear.

CreoleInDC said...


I'd WANT to cuss his azz clean the hell out. But I wouldn't. I wouldn't say anything to him ever again...nor to Tom. Just keep it polite when you were forced to and that's it...that's all.


Heart Drops said...

The nerve...ugh. Just ugh! I'd be PISSED but I will give Tom a chance at one date.

Luke Cage said...

LOL! Dicey luv... very dicey. lol@ Creole!

lyre said...

Passing you off to his buddy. Oh hell no. that aint cool.
That is unless you kinda like ole boy.

Hostess said...

No words for Tom or the other guy. But you know I'm not for maintaining casual chexual relationships because invariably, some gets hurt. Obviously if he's passing the chick off to his boy, he wasn't into and never will be into her. And if his boy knows he's been with the chick his boy probably won't take the chick seriously either. What man wants his boy's left-overs?? But it may all just be a sceme to let the woman know that he's not feeling her but he's too much of a punk to come out and say so.

startingtoday said...

I really wouldn't have anything to do with either. It's just a no win situation.

Call 2 Arms said...

I think the culture/race would determine my level of offense and reaction. Some cultures don't find a problem when their ex hooks up with a friend. I've seen some folks marry a person that their friend slept with. They might even think both are great people and would be compatible. I'd want to know how he felt about the other guy, because that would help me determine if his action was a slap in the face or a move of affection.

Now if the men were from the type of culture where such a thing is frowned uppn, I'd be highly insulted and would let Tom know, I find his behavior weak and disrespectful. I'd also accept that he didn't like me at all.

Honest said...

@ The OE - It's about a dude and no it wasn't my story
@ Creole - She sent an email and has instituted radio silence.
@ heart drops - oh she was pissed and feels too weird to give Tom a chance.
@ luke - hell yeah it's weird
@ hostess- oh he's told her that he wasn't into her enough to want a relationship. hopefully this will have broken the camel's back and she'll move on.
@ startingtoday - word I agree too much drama
@ C2A - Everyone involved is of mixed culture but she who is of the same cultural background as the first dude was pissed.

Lady D said...

Damn. WTF? That is some bull. What did you do?