Monday, December 18, 2006


I read stories like these and I’m heartbroken by the endless chaos and lawlessness. Year after year rule of law, prosperity and hope for a better future go out the window. What happened to the first independent black republic in the world? 200 years of independence and what? I’m heartbroken because I miss it, the summers with my grandmother, the visits with my relatives, discovering my family history with every trip. The carefree summers spent rocking on my grandmother’s front porch drinking “limonade” and all the Avocados and fried plantains I can eat. Weekends at the beach and week nights visiting all the cousins.

It’s been 5 years since my last trip to attend my grandmother’s funeral. Her death, the destruction of the country at the hands of bandits disguised as politicians have made me reluctant to return. The chaos and lawlessness have run 90% of my family out to new lives in the US and Canada. There’s nothing left but the memories and I miss it so much. Will I be able to visit with my children one day? Not just show them pictures or tell them stories but show them where I spent the majority of my summers as a child.


CreoleInDC said...

I am so sorry your home is hurting Princess. This is how I felt during the aftermath of Katrina...wondering if it will ever be the same in the place my heart truly resides.

Luke Cage said...

Head hanging in sorrow.. the madness around the world just never ends. And in our native country, the lawlessness and pain seem so infinite. Will it ever get better again? Not until a new administration steps in and not one under the guise of a puppet President.

Brotha Buck said...

Know how you feel, I work for the news media and it can get you down, hearing all the stories.

DJ Black Adam said...

Happy Holidays. First let me say I have been reading your blog for a few days now and enjoy your postings.

Regarding this thing in Haiti, though I am not Haitian, as a descendant of the people of the African Diaspora to the Americas I try to keep up with the things that go on with the family wherever they are, Africa, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Brazil, etc.

This situation is troubling on many levels, first as a parent I can only imagine what horror the parents are going through, as a black man, I hate the low regard that brothers from Detroit to Uganda have for our little brothers and sisters, utilizing them and exploiting them for whatever political, social or criminal agenda they have.

The only thing we can do here, is press the Congressional Black Caucus to put pressure on the administration and other administrations going forward to do what they can to stabilize Haiti (as well as other situations where people of African ancestry are affected).

As for you directly, my prayers are with you and the people of Haiti, I pray you peace of mind in this time.

CreoleInDC said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR HONEST! I hope you and your mommy are having a FABULOUS trip!

Brutha Code said...

Never stop going back. Even with the crime and poverty... go back. Go back safely. But definitely go back.