Thursday, December 06, 2007

Blast from the past

This morning I tuned into my favorite Caribbean radio station online and they played one of my favorite zouk tunes from the late 80's.

It immediately conjured up memories of a summer in Haiti, visiting family, spending time with my grandmother, mom, uncle, cousins and our trips to the beach. Listening to zouk and compass songs and having an amazing summer.

I haven’t been to Haiti since 2001 for my grandmother’s funeral and for me that’s such a long time. I used to travel there almost every other summer as a child and when I graduated from college and lived at home I went once or twice a year. For the last few years there hasn’t been a reason to go, the country was in turmoil, my cousins have all pretty much moved to the U.S. or Canada and life there wasn’t as carefree as I’d remembered as a child.
Christmas 2008 will be spent in Haiti, rediscovering some of my favorite beaches, reconnecting with family, listening and hopefully writing down some memorable family tales. It’ll be the year my cousin introduces his wife and kids to one half of his heritage. It’ll be the year I meet my uncle’s new wife and my new cousin through marriage. Although Christmas 2007 hasn’t passed yet I’m looking forward to next year where I’ll be frolicking on the beach in a bathing suit listening to some awesome tunes as the waves crash onto shore.


Pro said...

This post instantly made me miss my dear Haitian friend, a native who like you, moved (to Miami) and now raises his family in the states. Enjoy the beauty of your heritage and past this season.

Elisha said...

I have to chuckle out loud at this post. When you read my latest entry, you'll see why. :-)

Luke Cage said...

Well alright! My family has been trying to get me to go for years. I've only been there once and I was about 2 years old. I think it's safe to say that some things may have changed quite a bit by now... lol

Lord Hannibal said...

I think what's happened to Haiti is sad. All of the Haitians I know are proud of their country's history and culture. But then I read that it's the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. What's going on there?

Honest said...

@ Pro - Thaks!
@ Elisha- Great minds do think alike
@ Luke Cage you'd be surprised.It's actually changed for the worse.
@ Lord Hannibal - A history of poor decisions, coups, US military rule, and politics is the recipe for poorest country in the western hemisphere. Haiti started out in debt despite all the riches it had as a colony because the international community had to be bought off to recognize a country freed by its own slaves. That was just part 1 of the trouble to come.

BK said...

girl this post just made me laugh!!! because my extended family are haitian natives and my best male friend is haitian!!!

sak pa se

Anonymous said...

I'd like to listen what station online do you listen to?