Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fake ID

Sunday evening I took two girlfriends who are moving out of town to dinner to congratulate them since I’d missed the group festivities that occurred during the weekend. We decided on a Tex-Mex place that was near our respective homes because the weather was nice and they had a great large outdoor patio section. Unfortunately by the time we were ready for dinner it was too cold to eat outside so we settled inside and ordered drinks. I ordered a Margarita on the rocks and when the waitress asked for my ID, I was flattered and my friends thought it was kind of cool that folks still checked my ID. The woman took my license and examined it for several moments before looking at my other two friends who although black looked nothing like me before giving me a puzzled look.

“It’s me”, I said “with a different hairstyle”

Still she gave me a puzzled look and then I handed to her a credit card with my picture on it.

“You look different in this one too” she said.

“Well it’s me” I responded.

She walked off to I assume put in our drink orders and my friends and I cracked up about how she examined my driver’s license and how stupid she seemed since I was clearly over 21 even if I do look younger then my 32 years. I was slightly insulted that she’d think I’d give her a fake ID since I never resulted to those tactics when I was under 21 but I was more amused by her dumbness. My friends thought I’d handled the situation well although they admit that they would have been pissed and we change the subject.

Five minutes later a new waiter approaches our tables and asks if we’ve already ordered drinks. After we tell him we have he then asks me for my ID again. I think I saw red, I was pissed and while bitching and moaning pulled out every piece of ID I had with a picture of myself on it including my Carolina ID with my 1992 picture. I asked to see the manager and relayed how pissed I was that they’d think I’d give them a fake ID for a freaking Margarita on a Sunday evening. WTF!

I told the manager that I was insulted and although he explained that he wanted his staff to check ID (they didn’t check my friend’s ID for her glass of wine) I was insulted that they’d think I was giving them a fake one. I reminded him that black women often change their hair style and they’d better get used to it because I may return the next week with a different hair style but the same dammed driver’s license picture. I was trying not to come off as crazed angry patron and accepted my margarita and shut up. The manager did end up taking our order because I think he could tell that we wouldn’t have welcomed our original waitress to our table. One of my friend who was with me did mention that that particular waitress was a bit rude at times but I can’t fathom what in my opinion was an idiotic move since everything I showed them including my license has my name on it. With the new tamper proof licenses who has a fake ID with their real name on it?

I discussed this with a friend who said she would never return to that restaurant and although I would tend to agree a part of me wants to return and see if they’d try the same shyt with me again. I don’t believe it was an entirely racial incident but I do feel it showed the un sophistication of a restaurant owner/manager and his staff in a diverse city and neighborhood.


Luke Cage said...

This happened to my wife awhile back in some DC restaurant which I now forget the name. But they carded her and she was a little ticked off. I told her, "hey, at least you've still got your youth right, or else why would they have done that?"

Then they asked for my id. I was shocked because I definitely do not look younger than 21. Please. Salt and pepper goatee and all. I realized it must be procedure if they are carding folks like myself and that nobody is exempt.

But your situation, with girlie giving you a doubletake and then imposing some kind of inquisition was unsettling. I give it to you for going back though. But I too would be interested if the same ish happens again. Wit' yo young lookin' azz.. ;)

GeckoGirl said...

That is kind of crazy. I don't think I would go back. I avoid businesses that don't treat me well and/or have poor customer service.

Nikki said...

That is wild. Had I been in that position, I doubt I even would have left a tip and definitely wouldn't return for a second visit to that establishment.

c2a said...

If I liked the food I'd probably go back to see if I got a different type of service. I'd also write a letter. I'm sure the owner or corporate would not be pleased.

I wrote a letter of complaint to the corporate office of one of the banks my mom uses. The bank had long lines, but typically had only 1 or 2 tellers open, while 5 more hid.

When my mom went back, the telller who they force to do all the work, asked her if she'd written the letter and told her that the management had been forced to make changes. She told her she was happy she'd written corporate.

c2a said...

"She" at the end of that sentence, being the teller.

The teller told my mom she was happy she had written corporate.

Hostess said...

Was it the spot up the street from them?? If so, I have had ID issues there too. Once I arrived after a group of 7+ were seated. They all had their drinks. The waiter did not ask for anyone's ID...Except mine. Honest, let's face it, we look young-ish. However, people don't have to be rude about it.

CreoleInDC said...

I get carded all the time. I don't mind.

This double-taking mess though prolly woulda set my teeth on edge. I prolly wouldn't go back.

The OE said...

Perhaps your waitress needs a healthy dose of secret agent.

One thing you could do is go in disguise, put some more gray in your hair and don't wear it too fashionably. Wear some old granny clothes. And brass knuckles.

Honest said...

@Luke Cage - I drive past that place everyday and wonder if I went back what would happen
@ GeckoGirl and Nikki I usually do too but I'm curious if it's a one time thing since I've never experienced that type of behavior there before.
@ c2a - I haven't figured out if I'm going back thre again but I am curious.
@ Hostess - Yup that's the place. I expect to be carded everyplace I go to but not for someone to think I actually have a fake ID.
@ Creole - I don't mind getting carded either but that double taking and doubting did set me off lol!
@ the OE -- Funny I looked in the mirror this morning and noticed a bunch of grays, maybe I should return with my hair pushed back and grays showing.

Golden Silence said...

I reminded him that black women often change their hair style and they’d better get used to it because I may return the next week with a different hair style but the same dammed driver’s license picture.

What are these fools expecting...for you to get a new photo everytime to get a new 'do?! Ridiculous!

On the rare occasion I go to the club, they always scrutinize my ID and never believe it's me. Yeah, like I'm really going to stand in line at the DMV for two hours just to get a fake ID. People think I look young but I don't think I look that young!

The worst was when I went to get a blood test done, and I show my ID which had a photo of me with a relaxer. At the time I had an Afro. The woman who took my ID said "What happened...you look so wild now!" I made sure she was reported and written up after that ignorant comment.