Sunday, January 14, 2007

Breaking Down and a whole bunch of other stuff

Blogging doesn’t seem to have the same appeal to me that it did when I first started 2 ½ years ago. I love reading other blogs but I’m having trouble keeping mine updated and often times feel like it’s a chore instead of an outlet. I don’t want to give it up yet so I'm taking the pressure off and updating when I have something to say.

I’m 32 years old and my body is breaking down. My cholesterol level is high, I need to work out more and I have an eye drainage problem. Yes, ladies and gents my right eye doesn’t drain properly so every 15 to 30 minutes or so a tear just rolls out of my right eye and down my cheek. I have bruises around my right eye lid from the constant rubbing and for a few days I was convinced I’d developed some type of skin cancer. I went to an ophthalmologist who recommended an eye lid specialist and since specialists appear to be in demand, my appointment isn’t for a few weeks.

Commercial Break:

I’m watching that I Love New York show and WOW, WOW, WOW! How in the world?!?! Where do they find these people? Lawd there’s a dude on there quoting scripture!!!!!! He’s on a crazy VH1 show to win the hand of New York and says he puts god first and starts quoting scripture. That made me laugh.

Back to the program:

If I receive my undergrad transcripts by the 22nd I will be taking my first online grad school class in about a week or so. I’m excited, frightened and very nervous. The class is in project management and will definitely be an asset. It’s not the grad school program I wanted but I don’t have the time to attend a brick and mortar program at this time and figured this course would help me with work now.


CreoleInDC said...

First...CONGRATS ON THE GRAD PROGRAM! Wow...that's going to quite an undertaking and I can't WAIT to come to your graduation. I'm so very proud of you chica!

Second...this eye thing...should we be worried? Would you like some help calling around to specialists? I can be very convincing if I try really, really hard. LOL! whenever you feel like it...I still come everyday!

Smooches and we need to get on each other's schedules for lunch sometime soon!

Serenity23 said...

My eyes have always watered all the time. It's annoying. And people always ask why I'm crying. Do you wear glasses or contacts?

Sunnchine said...

Congrats on the Grad Program! That's great. I see you're doing big things.

As for the blogging, I know exactly how you feel and I think you've got the right approach. Just write when you've got something to say. No pressure from me! =)

Nikki said...

Congrats on the grad program! And as long as you don't forget about your blog family, blog when the spirit hits you.

Jdid said...

good luck with the grad program. dont be a slave to the blog. do it when you want to not because you feel you have to.

I hope the eye problem gets solved quickly, and whats up with the cholesterol? time to watch your diet

Hostess said...

Ha!! We told you you didn't have the cancer. And trust, between Kinu and I, we have more than a dozen years of medical training (from TV) so we know of what we speak. We can be study buddies--assuming I get in and my transcripts arrive ontime.

Honest said...

Creole - Thanks :-)! The eye isn't hurting or anything it's just annoying because I look like I'm crying when I'm not. lol! Lunch when I return from my trip for sure!

Serenity23 - You too?!?! Yes it looks like I'm always crying. I do wear contacts but I'm wearing my glasses more often now.

Sunnchine -- Thanks!

Nikki - Thanks lady. I won't forget about my blog family.

Jdid - Thanks! I need to get on an excercise regim again. My mom has high cholestorol and she's in shape and eats well. My dad has it as well so I have to be extra careful.

Hostess -- Yes we can. You'll get in no worries.

GeckoGirl said...

Congrats on the grad program and I hope the eye situation gets resolved soon.

Rainmayun said...

it was all downhill for me after age 27... that is when the wheels came off and the body started coming apart. didn't heal as quickly from athletic type injuries, managed to hurt my lower back doing squats in the gym, weight didn't come off as easily, my hair started falling out.... and to top it all off, my liver stopped functioning the way it used to... I started getting HANGOVERS! that's when I knew 27 was the beginning of the end...

TDJ said...

Hey Honest! Good luck with your eye. I hope you get in to see someone who can fix you up soon.